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BENEFITS OF SMUDGING 🕊 - Improve your m

Origins of burning herbs.

The name "Sage" comes from the latin "Salvia" which means "To feel healthy."

Burning herbs goes back to beginning of history, sage was even used in WW and the black plague as burning sage has been scientifally proven to kill 94% of airborne bacteria when burnt for one hour kills 94%. People have always burned herbs for ceremonial and healing purposes.  Smudging, as it is practiced today originates from the Native American and indigenous people.



How to smudge/


sage/palo santo.


Remove mantra card, light one end of the sage then blow out the flame and feather around the area/object clockwise while repeating mantra, use Liv Ritual ash tray to catch loose ash.

  • When smudging a house open a window, smudge from the top to bottom/back to front of the house.

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