Benefits of sage smudging

  • Cleanse a person, space or object. 

  • Promote spiritual healing + wisdom

  • Help against 

The name "Sage" comes from the latin "Salvia" which means "To feel healthy."

Burning herbs goes back to beginning of history, sage was even used in WW and the black plague to kill airborne bacteria, burning sage for one hour kills 94% of airborne bacteria. People have always burned herbs for ceremonial and healing purposes.  Smudging, as it is practiced today originates from the Native American and indigenous people.



Using sage in combination with an abalone shell as a vessel, they believe it clears away negative energy and spirits, and the smoke carries your prayers upward to the creator.

Especially now when everything is centered around technology, there’s something to be said for practices that get us back in touch with the four elements. Getting back to a simple practice of using something from the earth instead of chemicals. It's been scientifically proven that sage removes bacteria from the air—it literally purifies the air of contaminants. Negative energy is energy that’s stagnant while positive energy is in motion, so if you’re feeling like the energy in your house is stuck, it's very closely related to the physical realm.

Origins of sage smudging

It’s an earth-based practice that connects you with the four elements. The benefits are two-fold: it's getting negative energy to move up and out, and it also lifts the energy of the space. Sage is an astringent herb and it affects your awareness and elevate your energy.

Connecting with the elements is essential to the ritual: Obviously the fire used to light the sage symbolizes fire, the smoke symbolizes air, the vessel underneath (traditionally an abalone shell) is water and sage symbolizes the earth. Abalone also comes from Native American roots – it comes from the sea so it has a deeper expression of water energy and has the same energetic properties as crystals. 

Putting it together is really a reminder of why you’re doing what you’re doing. You want to have all four elements to create a balanced ritual for the fifth element—the spirit—to come through.

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